Transforming the digital landscape with innovative solutions.

We offer cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to help clients in various industries stay ahead in the digital age.

Who We Are

Who is Digital Dimensions?

We are a digital solutions company that offers a variety of services to businesses and individuals in need of assistance. Our services range from cybersecurity and digital staffing to homework help and tutoring. We aim to provide everyone with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital world. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality services to our clients and prides ourselves on our modern and professional approach to problem-solving.

Our Values

Our core company values

Giving Back

Whether fundraising, helping the community or donating a portion of our profits. We give back to our communities.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions in everything we do. From recognizing our mistakes to being transparent about what we do.

Customer Centric

We put our customers first in everything we do. Whether in customer service or product design, we consider the customer before profit.

Happy Users


Hours Of Support




What is included with all of our brands

17/5 Support Available

Our support teams are available from 6am to 11pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday


All of our brands are backed by the protection of the Azrael network.

One Team

In order to provide the best services available, all of our brands consist of one centralized team.

Beta Testing

We offer public and private beta testing within each of our brands.

Global Resources

We work with companies around the world to provide the best possible services.


Each of our brands have a dedicated Discord server for the service or community.


Check out our private brands

Azrael Logo


Cybersecurity doesn't have to be complicated. Let us handle the technical details while you focus on running your business.

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Calypso Logo


Whether you need a full team or just a few key players, we have the expertise to help you find the right digital professionals.

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Homework Hub Logo

Homework Hub

Homework doesn't have to be a struggle. With Homework Hub, you'll get the support and guidance you need to succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Azrael Interactive is a leading cybersecurity brand that was established with the goal of safeguarding communities. Since its inception in 2021, it has become a prominent security brand on the Discord platform and is actively working to broaden its reach to other platforms. Azrael Interactive is dedicated to providing exceptional security solutions to its clients and is constantly striving to grow and evolve.

Calypso is a premier digital staffing solutions brand that offers a wide range of services to clients seeking assistance with their digital staffing needs. Calypso is dedicated to helping its clients find the best talent and resources to meet their needs and enhance the growth of their businesses and communities. Calypso is known for its professional and modern approach to digital staffing and is constantly working to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Homework Hub is a premier brand that offers comprehensive services to students. Homework Hub offers a range of homework help and tutoring services designed to support students in their academic endeavors and help them achieve success. Homework Hub is dedicated to meeting the needs of this modern, tech-savvy generation and is recognized for its professional and contemporary approach to homework help and tutoring. Homework Hub is constantly working to stay current with the latest educational techniques and technologies, ensuring that its services are always relevant and effective.

Yes, Digital Dimensions owns the Azrael Interactive, Calypso and Homework Help brands.

Azrael Interactive has been incorporated into the Digital Dimensions brand in order to provide modern solutions for the digital world. The same team that owned Azrael Interactive now owns Digital Dimensions, and the rebranding allows us to centralize our brands under one umbrella. Rest assured that the expertise and dedication to excellence that characterized Azrael Interactive remain unchanged under the Digital Dimensions brand.

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A peak at our C-Suite team

CEO Team Picture

Justyn Freeman

Chief Executive Officer

The most powerful force in business is not what you do, but how you do it. The way you do business defines your business.
- Simon Sinek

COO Team Picture

Melissa Scott

Chief Operations Officer

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.
- Douglas MacArthur

CAO Team Picture

Richard Adcock

Chief Data Officer

Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.
- Simon Sinek

CTO Team Picture

Alexander Freedman

Chief Technology Officer

Modern solutions require us to be open-minded, forward-thinking, and willing to embrace new ideas and technologies.
- Unknown


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